The University of Surrey’s S100 Club is the South’s Unique Angel Investment Network

With its close ties to the Surrey Research Park and SETsquared Surrey (its start-up business incubation and support network) the Club’s remit is not only about presenting investment opportunities to Angel investors, it also provides support and training to businesses raising finance.

It is a not-for-profit club with a focus on creating a strong and connected network of investors and presenting them with the best investment propositions from across the UK. By leveraging the University's wealth of resource and its contacts in the local entrepreneurial and investment community, the S100 Club provides the foundation for venture creation. This enables its members to take an active role in tomorrow's success stories.

Founded in 2007, the S100 Club has an impressive track record in helping dynamic and innovative businesses to grow. The S100 Club helps new ventures get ‘investor ready’ with support and training and then gives them the opportunity to showcase to its investor members. Since it was founded, the Club has helped companies to raise over £75 million from 50 pitch events.

In 2018 we introduced an online platform to enhance the club by widening the membership beyond the Surrey region, allowing members to view, engage with and commit to investment propositions at their leisure. The platform also facilitates the many links the Club has with other Angel networks and Angel funds, allowing strong syndicates to form to complete the investment round.

Investment propositions are drawn from the award winning SETsquared Partnership network of over 500 high-tech, high growth start-ups and spin-outs, as well as inviting and vetting propositions from the open market.

Whether you are an existing investor, a would-be investor, or a start up company looking for investment to grow your business, this Club can help you achieve success. To find out more, please visit our website.

How does the S100 Club Operate?

1 The club is always open for new investors to join and for businesses to submit their investment summary for consideration.

  • All investment summaries are assessed by an experienced team who shortlist ventures to invite in for pitch assessment and feedback sessions
  • A panel of investors from the club assess the prepared ventures and select the 4/5 best propositions

2 An investment event is held five times per year, usually on a Wednesday evening at the University

  • 4/5 selected businesses pitch to an audience of club investors with a Q&A and club discussion session
  • A drinks reception allows members to meet and exchange views with fellow members
  • A networking session follows where presenting businesses are available to provide further details

3 Propositions are uploaded to the club investment platform along with all associated documentation

  • Interested members use the platform to form a syndicate, review documentation, record discussions and agree terms
  • Businesses use the platform to collectively communicate to interested members, update and upload all relevant documentation, and where required, seek further investment from a wider community of linked funds and Angel groups